I Prodotti

Division specialized in the production of spectator seating for outdoor and indoor, for stadiums and sports halls. Most of the main European stadiums are provided with our seating. Steadiness, long duration, resistance to atmospheric agents, simplicity and easy cleaning are our parameters of reference. Production characterised by a careful analysis of each sports complex and by the realization of specific products for any needs.
Division specialized in the design, development and production of electronic scoreboards for advertising, public and sports information.
Production of LED video screens full color; electronic scoreboards for all sports disciplines. The main product of our production is the video screen “CHROMA VIEW”, a modular TV video system with 68,7 billions colors made of LED lamps as luminous source.
The combination of red, green and blue LED lamps allows the creation of a complete chromatic scale.
Possibility of displaying images coming from TV cameras, PC and DVD players. BERTELE’ ELECTRONICS has been the first Italian Company to produce industrially electronic boards for sport.
BERTELE’ ELECTRONICS has the absolute leadership in Europe in this sector.
This Division is specialized in the design, development and production of equipments for team games, gymnastics and athletics.
Production of basketball systems built according to international standards.
Production which covers the following sports disciplines: basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball, tennis, gymnastics, athletics and furniture for changing rooms.
Production of fixed or modular retractable tribunes for spectators.
Sophisticated and imposing tribunes on the one hand, simple and easy-to-use tribunes on the other hand realized on customer’s specific requests.
Throughout years our tribunes have been improved by using hundreds of ball bearings making the opening and closing operations easier even in case of very big tribunes. Some of these important installations have been carried out for example on the German market.