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beginning of the season October 2011
Division specialized in the design, development and production of electronic scoreboards for advertising, public and sports information.
Production of LED video screens full color; electronic scoreboards for all sports disciplines. The main product of our production is the video screen “CHROMA VIEW”, a modular TV video system with 68,7 billions colors made of LED lamps as luminous source.
The combination of red, green and blue LED lamps allows the creation of a complete chromatic scale.
Possibility of displaying images coming from TV cameras, PC and DVD players. BERTELE’ ELECTRONICS has been the first Italian Company to produce industrially electronic boards for sport.
BERTELE’ ELECTRONICS has the absolute leadership in Europe in this sector.

On focus
The Chroma View Full Color board allows the visualization of all colours (4,4 Trillions) thanks to the sofisticated control electronics of each...
Indoor advertising boards, to be placed on field, usable also as big-screen.
See FEATURES for technical informations.
VIDEO PYRAMID SCOREBOARD - to be installed in the centre of the sports hall.
SUPPORTING STRUCTURE: steel frame and aluminium box.
Latest works
Schio - Italy
Multisport Indoor - Olympic
Sassari - Italy
Video Led Full Color
Ravenna - Italy
BANNERUN features
Ludwisburg - Germany
BANNERUN features
Ravenna - Italy
Video Led Full Color
Paris - France
Video Led Full Color
Sofia - Bulgaria
Video Led Full Color
Dijon - France
BANNERUN features