Company profile

Our activity starts in 1962 thanks to the willingness of the four brothers Bertelé who wanted to join together to set up a company in the technical/sports sector. Throughout years this Company was much expanded diversifying the production in various technical/sports sectors.  Dr. Enzo Bertelé decided to develop the technical sports supplies sector for indoor stadiums, sports halls and stadiums.
In the 80s his two sons started to work in his Company looking after two different sectors: electronic visualization and mechanical structures.

Dr. Enzo Bertelè
Graduated in Literature. Literature teacher and Headmaster then he started as an entrepreneur, first in collaboration with his brothers and then with his sons.
Marco Bertelè
Designer of digital electronic equipment. he develops the sector for the design and production of LED video screens and electronic boards inside the Company.
Daniele Bertelè
Mechanical industrial expert. He is the supervisor of the mechanical and design sector .
In 2001, still in business, Dr. Enzo Bertelè died. His way of working was fundamental for the education of his two sons and of his closest collaborators.


1963 - First supply of technical equipments to the Italian Federation of Track and Field Events.

1970 - Supply of competition equipments to the Rome Olympic stadium for International competitions of Track and Field Events.

1974 - First realization of electronic scoreboards for sports halls (Bione, Lecco – Italy).

1975 - Exclusivity for the production of soccer goals to the Italian Football Federation.

1975 - Realization of the first aluminium soccer goal. Sole producer in South Europe for may years.

1980 - First production of electronic scoreboards to a basketball team of A League (Basket Cantù – Italy).

1989 - First production of seatings for International stadiums: Stadium Delle Alpi (Juventus – Torino).

1990 - First production of LED video screens (6 screens to FILPJ – Italian Federation of Struggle, Weight and Judo).

1991 - First retractable tribune. Design, study and realization of an innovative retractable system (La Spezia indoor stadium – Italy).

1993 - Our Company, in collaboration with other five Companies, set up the core of the F.I.B.A. Study Centre (International Basketball Federation) under the direction of Dr. Vitale.

1993 - Production of 50000 seats for the most prestigious Austrian stadium: Wien Prater.

1998 - Realization of the seat mod. Marsiglia. Supply of the same to the Marseille Vélodrome (France).

2000 - Realization of the biggest electronic scoreboard in Europe for indoor. Octagonal structure with a diameter of 17 m. - 8 full data video screens (Bologna sports hall – Italy).

2001 - Production of seats for the San Siro stadium in Milan (renovation).

2002 - Production of one of the most complex systems of retractable seating in Europe (Flensburg sports hall – Germany).

2004 - Olympic Games Athens 2004 Greece - supply and installation of telescopic tribunes and seats for the Elleniko Olympic Sports Hall.

2006 - Winter Olympic Games Torino 2006 Italia - supply and installation of two video led 4-faces cubes for the Olympic Sports Hall and the Palavela Sports Hall.

2006 - Juventus Stadium Torino Italia supply and installation of 2 video led screens.

2007 - Copa America Venezuela supply and installation of 7 video led screens from 69 mq to 44 mq and 190.000 seats in 7 stadiums.

2007 - European Basketball Championship Chieti Italia supply and installation of video led screens, electronic scoreboards and spectator seats in 4 sport halls.